Born: Worcester, Massachusetts
Education: Art Institute of Boston 1977-79
University of Washington, B.A. 1989

After growing up in central Massachusetts and Cape Cod, I studied at the Art Institute of Boston, then traveled west to Seattle where I received a B.A. in English Literature and 20 years later another B.A. in French Literature.

After a trip around the world in 1992, riding camels to the pyramids in Egypt, watching snake charmers and dancing bears in India, seeing the “Nightingale” floors in the Nijo Castle in Kyoto and visiting many of the great museums of Europe, I was inspired to pick-up my brushes again.

My work has been shown at the Davidson Gallery and the Pacini Lubel Gallery in Seattle, the Seattle Museum of Art’s Rental Gallery, the SF MOMA Artist’s Gallery among other local galleries and has been on the covers of the Daniel Smith Catalog and The Food Lovers Guide to Seattle. My subjects include urban landscapes, still lifes and the figure.

Although I’m a realist painter, I believe there is always an abstract element to the composition.